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Friday February 21st Program


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Not Your Average Bear, Directed by Cliff Skelton, Canada
Amy’s Gift, Directed by Drew Ann Rosenberg, USA
Alice, Directed by Andrew C. Ramirez, USA
I Never Left You Alone, Directed by Mireia Noguera, Spain
Ran, Directed by Fjolnir Baldursson, Iceland
Killing Small Animals, Directed by Marcus Svanberg, Sweden
The Bronze Fly, Directed by Karleener, France
Legacy, Directed by Jeno Hodi, Hungary

Re-Inventing The Wheel, Directed by Chelsea McEvoy, Canada
No Rose’s On A Sailor’s Grave, Directed by Daniel Oron, Canada
Let’s Talk “Mental Health In Color”, Directed by Camille Bradshaw, USA
Out of Chaos, an Artist’s Journey in Haiti, Directed by Pascal Giacomini, USA

Behind the Handle, Directed by Sydney Facey , Mitchell Kennedy, Canada
Jaan Poldaas: New Work, Directed by Patrick Barfoot, Canada
Concrete Dreams:  Some Roads Lead Home, Directed by Saba Karim Khan, Zayer Hassan, Pakistan
ETOA: A Kokoda Track Story, Directed by David Lloyd-Lewis, Papua New Guinea
Roots of Lacrosse, Directed by Shelby Tsioweri:iohsta Adams, Joanne Storkan, Canada

FARAWAY, Directed by Dae Hyun Kim, Niko Yingqi Ren, USA
Uncle Zsiga, Directed by Edit Jakab, USA
Primary, Directed by Eleanor Calder, New Zealand
MissPerception, Directed by Conner Kershaw, Ryan Sadaghiani, Camden Coburn, USA
Wake Up: Student Perspectives On Covid 19, Directed by Geneva Hines, Janae Allen, Canada
The Romantic Movement, Directed by Yuhe Lu, USA

Love Thy Neighbor- The Story of Christian Riley Garcia, Directed by Brandon Smith, USA
Jimmy is Punk- The Story of PANIC, Directed by Duco Donk, Netherlands
Poster of a Girl, Directed by Neill R Bell-Shaw, Japan
Daytime Nightmare, Directed by Katrina Grey, UK

Scorpio, Directed by Julian Noble, Mexico
State of Agitation, Directed by Elie Khalife, Lebanon
Introspectum Motel, Directed by Marcel Dorian, UK
Godforsaken, Directed by Ali Akbar Akbar Kamal, Canada

Pink Opaque, Directed by Derrick Perry, USA
Fish Also Drown, Directed by Robert Yun, Anton Chikishev, Israel
The Fox, Directed by hemwant tiwari, India
Fario, Directed by JUMEL Gérard, France
Corona Obsession, Directed by Erdal Dizman, Germany

Tijuana I Love You, Directed by Rene Bueno, Mexico
Grandfather and Grandson, Directed by Ilija Piperkoski, Macedonia
Josef- Born in Grace, Directed by Susant Misra, India
1618, Directed by Luis Ismael, Portugal

Ekstase, Directed by Marion Kellmann, Germany
Boneyard Ballet, Directed by Steven Holleran, USA
Man With Shadow, Directed by Ema Kugler, Slovenia

The Story of the I’m Alone, Directed by Allison Wolvers, Canada
Going it Alone: A Guide To Being Single In the Pandemic, Directed by Rebecca Silvers, Brent Rose, USA
Rescue Master Tang, Directed by Adam Juang, Taiwan

Wednesday, Directed by Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet, Canada
Underage Engineers, Directed by Aleksandra Skowron, Hanna Polak, Poland
Queen Marlene’s Toy Museum and Friends: Traffic Safety Toys, Directed by Marlene Hochman , Angie Hansen, USA

La Terre Est Ronde, Directed by France
Noir Brothers, Directed by Daniele Gangemi, Italy
All in 3: A Fikowski & Vellner Documentary, Directed by S.J. Finlay, Canada
Incompleteness, Directed by David Ash, USA

THE CAMP, Wonderful World, Directed by Ryosuke Sato, Japan
Are you Human, Directed by Michael Wiehart, USA
Reflectivore, Directed by Kjell Kvanbeck, USA
ALGO_1, Directed by Diego Martins, Brazil
All Night Long, Directed by Jason W. Gordon, Ethan P. Johnson, Michelle Molineux, Luke Wohlgemuth, Nathaniel J. Wohlgemuth, Jay Slay, Canada
Love’s Worst Nightmare (ft. Liz Kretschmer), Directed by Philippe Funk, Luxembourg
Toronto Tabla Ensemble- Unexpected Guests, Directed by Melissa Das-Arp, Canada

Fresh Start Incorporated, written by Scott Marshall Taylor, USA
The Weird Sisters, written by Brent Bishop, USA
Ten Commands, written by Girault Seger, USA
Room Zero, written by Jason Partridge, Canada
Nurture, written by Frank Dodd, Canada
Templin Highway, written by William Prosser, USA
Hard Time, written by Christopher J. Barfoot and Taj Khan, UK
Room Zero, written by Brian Erwin, Christine Hunsicker, USA

TIFA has been dedicated to showcasing and supporting independent filmmakers and writers worldwide since 2010. TIFA’s mission is based on three main values: Accessibility, Diversity and Equality.  For that reason, TIFA screens and awards films and screenplays from every country, in all genres, and in a range of production budgets. TIFA accepts feature films in four subcategories, but also highlights categories that are often overlooked such as experimental films, web series, animations, music videos and children’s films.

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