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TIFA will be taking a hiatus for the 2017 season.  We hope to be back and see you in 2018!

2017 TIFA Winners and Nominees

Anything It Takes, Directed by Michael Wilson, USA
La Maisonette, Directed by Jack Carr, Canada
The Bird Who Could Fly, Directed by Raphael Sbarge, USA (WINNER)
SuperMoms, Directed by Robynne Trueman, Canada
Manuscrit Trouve Dans L’Oubli, Directed by Eugenio Recuenco, Spain
The Last Day, Directed by Patrick Hodgson, Canada

Humanity, Directed by Luke Trester, USA
If I Go, Directed by Meriem Dehbi-Talbot, Canada
Good People, Directed by Michael Flax, Canada
Among the Dead, Directed by Eric Marcus Weglehner, Austria (WINNER)
Counting to 1000, Directed by Josh Pfaff, USA

The New 8-Bit Heroes, Directed by Joseph Granato IV, USA
Rock n Roll Outlaw- The Ballad of Myles Connor, Directed by Bruce Macomber, USA
Paper Stars, Directed by Josh Steinbauer, USA (WINNER)

I Am Alive Through Christ, Directed by Charles W. Bush, USA (WINNER)
Rainbow Day Camp, Directed by Horacio Marquinez, USA
The Art of a Lost Trade, Directed by Mary Gerretsen, USA
This is Fine, Directed by George Bull, Canada

The Tommy Movie, Directed by Josh Hodgins, USA
Far-West, Directed by Frederic Radepont, France (WINNER)
Searching For Content, Directed by Toni Nagy, USA
The Blood Painting, Directed by Andrew Rotondi, USA

The Badge, Directed by Joseph-Antoine Clavet, Canada
Tatara Samurai, Directed by Yoshinari, Japan
Girasol, Directed by Dilia Pacheco Mendez, Dominican Republic (WINNER)
Love is Dead, Directed by Eric Capitaine, France

Dinner With The Alchemist, Directed by Kevin Good, USA
IM’perfect, Directed by Ryan Andersen, USA
Where The Windmills Are, Directed by Mads Erichsen, Denmark (WINNER)

Carton Moon, Directed by Ken Nikai, France
Mile End, Directed by Graham Higgins, UK (WINNER)
Prairie Dog, Directed by C. Blake Evernden, Canada

Karen, Directed by Kate Rhoades, USA
65,5 Women, Directed by Liv Mari Mortensen, Norway (WINNER)

D.R.: Sandy & Sundari: The Man-Eater of Bengal: Sundari’r Baagh, Directed by Dr. Satyajit Bhattacharya, USA
Super Short Comics “Into the Pocket”, Directed by Keisuke Matsumoto, Japan (WINNER)
G.I. Hospital, Directed by Jonny Lewis, USA

Female Buddy Cop, Directed by Brian Luna, USA
Tahnee’s Medicine, Directed by Peter Moore Smith, USA
Cat Planet, Directed by Charlotte Pines, USA (WINNER)

Taylor Tote “Fighter” Infinite Love For Kids Fighting Cancer, Directed by Kostas Lymperopoulos, USA
Johnny Clegg – Take My Heart Away, Directed by Johnny Clegg, South Africa
Dead White Tree, Directed by Hugo Jouxtel, France (WINNER)
Eliad – Traveling, Directed by Roman Buchatsky, Israel
Says You, Directed by Amanda Bonaiuto, USA
Double Meaning, Directed by Danka Scepanovic, Canada
Delightful, Directed by Anna Haas, USA

Defend Her, Written by Dean Qureshi, USA
Triangle 146, Written by Diane Uniman, USA
The Dead Dream, Written by Libba Marrian, USA
Little Con Lili, Written by Gabriela Garcia Medina, USA
Wonderful, Written by Demitra Papadinis, USA
The Experiment, Written by Lynda Lemberg and Jeffrey Allen Russel, Canada
Colour Me Jane, Written by Elisa Mcrae, Canada (WINNER)
Hawaiian Shirt, Written by Laurence FG, Canada
Verrater (Traitor), Written by Randa Karambelas, USA
Car Heroin Train, Written by Virginia Austin
A Soldiers Story, Written by Matthew Hasty

Details about our upcoming event will be posted here and our social media pages when we have them. The films screened at the event will be selected from the winning films in each category.  ETA of event will be October/November of this year.

We will be requesting promotional materials and exhibition copies closer to the event date.

TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to awarding and showcasing the best independent films from around the world.

TIFA was started by independent filmmakers who understand the process of submitting to festivals and the challenges met when trying to get recognition for their work by professionals in the industry. That’s why TIFA offers so much – we want to support filmmakers and writers in any way we can!

TIFA’s core beliefs are the following – Accessibility, Equality and Diversity.

At TIFA we believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities to express their talents in film.  For this reason TIFA screens and awards films and screenplays from every country, in all genres, and a range of independent budgets.

To help level the playing field we accept feature films in four sub-categories based on the project’s budget so films are not competing against others made at higher budgets.  We also highlight categories that are often overlooked such as experimental films, web series, animations, music videos and children’s films.

TIFA is a strong supporter of diversity in filmmaking.  Everyone has a story to tell and promoting diversity in the industry can only make it better.  This year TIFA has received submissions from over 40 countries as we continue to expand our reach year after year.  Our nominee list from 2015 included submissions from 18 countries!  TIFA also believes in providing a platform for underrepresented groups in the industry to showcase their efforts through focused panels and events such as our women in filmmaking panel and various networking events.

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