TIFA History

TIFA was originally started in 2010 by filmmaker James Dubbeldam and film-lover Jeff Applewhite who recognized the challenges faced by filmmakers for gaining recognition for their work. They wanted to start an awards ceremony that each year recognized the best in independent film- from around the world- in every category and genre.

Continually focusing their efforts towards assisting filmmakers and promoting the best in indie film, Jeff and James annually have made modifications to TIFA in order to provide the best avenue for audiences and to provide filmmakers with the recognition they deserve.

Former judges on our selection committee have included: Keith Bunin (Screenwriter, “Horns”), Karen Ludwig (Actor, “Manhattan“), Mathieu Chantelois (TV Personality, “The Lofters”), Lisa Gold (Former TIFVA winner, Best Director 2011), Kelly Michael Stewart (Producer, “Late Night Double Feature”).

TIFA Timeline
(formerly TIFVA)

  • December 2010: TIFVA was launched and the first season began.

  • November 2011: The first TIFVA Awards Gala was held at the Revue Cinema in Toronto.

  • February 2012: TIFVA sponsored ‘Watstock 2012’ at the Revival Bar.

  • March 2012: A three-day festival weekend showcasing the winning and nominated films from the 2011 season was held at VictoriaCollege (U of T).

  • October 2012: TIFVA co-presented a film screening with the Brazil Film Fest at the Royal in Toronto.

  • February 2013: TIFVA hosted a two day event showcasing the winners and nominees from the 2012 season.

  • May 2014: TIFVA presents our annual event highlighting the films from female producers and directors at the event ‘Women in Film’

  • August 2014: TIFVA holds its first networking event in support of the local feature film, Chasing Valentine. All proceeds were donated to the film.

  • December 2015: TIFVA’s 2015 event also showcased a local feature film, Pete Winning and the Pirates: The Motion Picture.

  • October 2016 TIFA Presents: “Unlocking Independent Film” where 25 films screened in 3 screening rooms from 12 countries!

The TIFA Team

James Dubbeldam – Executive Director
Shean Carmichael – Lead Creative
Millicent Sykes – Engagement Coordinator
Jason McGregor- Screener Coordinator
Jeffrey Applewhite – Team Manager
Graham Copestake- Sponsorship Coordinator
Suela Kerxhaliu – Event Planner
Anthony Rumolo – Screening Team

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