Film Title: Aurora
Director: TBD
Category: Drama/Family
Country of Origin: USA
Run time: Approx. 2 hours.

Synopsis: Amilia and Charlotte Chanter lost their parents in a car crash when they were younger. Many things changed afterwards, the biggest being Amilia having to move back home and raise Charlotte. More than a decade later, Amilia, now a successful lawyer, and Charlotte, an exemplary college student, thought that the hard times were behind them. But, a series of life altering events they’re not sure how to cope with leads them to seek help in order to reevaluate everything they’ve been through, past and present, and their special relationship. This movie shows a year in the life.

Cast & Crew: TBD

Previous Awards:
IFIPG 2014  – Screenwriting Contest (semi-finalist)
The Writers Place -2014 – Finalist
14th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) 2015 – Oficial Selection
Hollywood Screenplay Contest 2015 – Finalist
Back in the Box Competition 2015 – Finalist
Madrid International Film Festival 2016 – Official Selection