Film Title: North
Director: Natasha Soto
Category: Children’s Film
Country of Origin: USA
Run time: 7 min 45 sec

Tagline: In this dark fairytale, two young children venture into the forest to try and find the mother that has left them behind.

Cast & Crew:
Writer/Director: Natasha Soto
Producers: Xaisongkham Induanchanthy, Natasha Soto
Assistant Director: Kanchalee Wijakpaisarn
Director of Photgraphy: Warut Snidvongs
1st Assistant Camera: Yung-Jen Yang
Key Grip: Sam Seifnourian
Sound Mixer: Prissly Mena
Production Assistants: Natalina DiPreta, Christian Avila
Editor: Tuan Duc Doan
Sound Designer: Prissly Mena

Previous Awards:
Orlando Film Festival
Borrego Springs Film Festival
International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival
Boston International Kid’s Film Festival


Synopsis: ‘North’ is the story of two young sisters, Tiffany 9 and Peyton 5. After hearing tales of the King and Queen’s journey, the girls sneak out of their grandmother’s house and into the forest to search for their parents. Armed only with a compass, they set out to try and find the Northern Kingdom.