Film Title: Our Last Adventure
Director: Michael Valitutti
Category: Student Film
Country of Origin: Canada
Run time: 8 minutes 31 seconds

Cast & Crew:
Phil- Graham Silver
Steve- Aury Barnett
Written by: Anna Dzieciol
Producer- Chelsea Dunn
Director- Michael Valittuti
1st AD- Cam Cotton
Production Manager: Lasean E.Banks
DOP- Ryan Rector
Prod. Designer- Alyssa Gismondi
Art Director- Dylan Hatton
Sound Rec- Bethany Masters
Picture Editor: Raysean Blair-Campbell
Camera Operator: Maziyar Khatam
1st Assisstant Cam Operator: Michael Mildon

Synopsis: Going back to the place of adventures where their imagination roamed free, two best friends rediscover their childhood treehouse. Travelling in their imaginary submarine they battle an ancient, sea creature where Phil helps Steve accept the reality he has been avoiding.