Film Title: Rashid Ajami – Night Prayer
Director: Adam Lyons
Category: Music Video
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Run time: 04:29

Tagline: A perverse character prays on unassuming members of the public during the night, filming their misfortune, wrong doings and private moments.

Cast & Crew:
Voyeur (Lead Actor) – Dean Smith
Undressing Woman – Vicky
Drug Dealer – Eleanor Videan
Drug Customer – Nathan King
Thug 1 – Joe Killkelly
Thug 2 – James Bevan
Thug 3 – Sean Robinson
Thug 4 – Andrew Raynor
Victim – Leigh Glynn-Finnegan
iPhone Kid 1 – Josh Packham
iPhone Kid 2 – Hollie Nelson
Fighting Couple Man – Ashley Tabatabai
Fighting Couple Woman – Laura Siddall

Director – Adam Lyons
DOP – Adam Lyons
Producers – Francesca Hotchin, Tim Dee, James Bevan
1st Assistant Camera – Francesca Hotchin
Key Grip – Leigh Glynn-Finnegan
Runner – Dan Williams

Website: https://vimeo.com/138919656
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rashidajamiofficial/
Other: http://www.blackboxcreative.co.uk

Synopsis: Old VHS footage plays random scenes of people at night, glitching throughout.

A hooded figure is holding a camcorder in the street at night. He looks up to the window of an apartment where woman is getting changed and then begins to film her undressing. As the woman turns around to look out the the window, the hooded voyeur has left the scene. The voyeur walks to a desolate lock-up and looks around cautiously as he opens the padlock on a door.

A fan starts to spin as he turns on all his Audio/video equipment. He begins to watch and transfer all the footage he has captured on his camera on a small CRT TV screen and VHS Recorder. Hundreds of VHS tapes with street names and dates  are catalogued in the racking on the walls around him. He takes out the VHS tape from the recorder, tears a piece of tape and writes the street name and date on it after sticking it down. He places the tape on the side.

Suddenly, we are in an underpass at night. A girl is looking down at her mobile phone as a hooded youth approaches her. We see our voyeur peer around the corner with his camcorder. He hides back around the corner as he notices the youth turning to look towards him. When the youth turns back to the girl the voyeur reappears and begins to film them. He moves position behind some railings for a better shot as the youth exchanges some money for drugs with the girl. The voyeur grins before leaving the scene, walking down the road whilst looking up towards the path where the exchange took place.

We are back in the voyeurs lock up. He is watching more footage he has captured, fast forwarding and rewinding through it. He then catalogues the VHS tapes on his shelves putting them in date order.

Back in the streets at night we see a gang of lads pushing around a smaller youth. The voyeur is sat in a car watching this take place through his rear view mirror. He checks his wing mirror following the action as the cross the street. As the Gang push the youth around the corner of the street, the voyeur scrambles for his camcorder, leaves the car door, slamming it behind him as he raises his hood and follows the gang. He raises his camcorder as he moves around the corner and begins to film the gang kicking and beating the youth to the ground. A flurry of kicks and punches are laid into the youth. The voyeur moves in closer for a better shot but runs away before one of the gang notices him.

The voyeur watches the new footage in his lock up. He then takes to the streets, wandering, looking for his next scene to film. He walks pas a construction site past an old building.

In his lock up he takes out an old VHS tape and starts watching it. As he moves the tape from the VHS player it chews up the ribbon from the VHS and he frantically tries to fix it. In a rage he smashes the tape, grabs his coat and heads out to find a new subject to film.

The voyeur drives around the streets at night until he notices a couple arguing in the window of their apartment. He gets out of his car and heads over to the chain linked fence and films the woman pushing her partner in anger. He grabs her by the neck and throws her down onto the sofa in front of her. The voyeur leaves the scene and heads back to his lock up.

As he enters the lock up we see that two teenagers have been following and filming him on their phone. They then upload the video to the web where people start liking and sharing the video. Comments are left ranging from ‘I swear that guy needed following’ to ‘you are sick sad wastes of space’.

The voyeur pulls out another tape in his lock up, fine tunes his AV equipment and watches what he has captured, unaware that he has been filmed himself. A fan speeds up in one of the machines and the entire screen glitches to black.