Film Title: Reuben and the Dark – Bow and Arrow
Director: Brock Davis Mitchell
Category: Music Video
Country of Origin: Canada
Run time: 03:26
Tagline: Strength comes from within the ashes.

Cast & Crew:
– Produced by Deluxe Design group
– Directed by Brock Davis Mitchell

– Mark Krysko
– Josh Burger
– Daniel McDougall

Nick Thomas

Assistant Director:
Chris Krieger

Camera Assistant:
Chantelle Kolesnik

Gaffer/ Key Grip:
Anish Bahl

Production Assistant:
Jaimie Stewart

Special thanks:
– MuchFact
– Jonathan Shedletzky – Arts and Crafts
– Bled Celhyka – Arts and Crafts
– Dan Owen – OCL studios
– Travis Eklund – Wineglass Ranch
– John Scott – John Scott Productions
– Laura Jauch – McDougall Stoney Mission Society
– Brendan Kane – Sak Contracting
– Ian Pacitti – Prem Steel
– Carla brown – Platinum Talent Management
– Rosalie tarrant
– Lori-Anne Eklund
– Brian Kent
– Brenda Burger
– Cole Binder
– Rachel Hall
– Kyle Smith
– Chad Kolesnik
– Charlene Kolesnik
– Michelle Cornfield
– Sarah Hutchings

Produced with the financial assistance of MuchFact, a division of Bell Media Inc.

Previous Awards:
– 2016 Render Music Video Festival
– 2016 AMPIA Award Nominee – Best Music Video
– 2016 AMPIA Award Nominee – Best Director (Drama under 30 Minutes)
– 2016 AMPIA Award Nominee – Best Editor (Drama under 30 Minutes)
– 2016 AMPIA Award Nominee – Best Cinematography (Drama under 30 Minutes)


Synopsis: The film adaptation of Bow and Arrow, as performed by Reuben and the Dark, follows the story of a young boy and his father as they struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one, and their family’s dissolution.

Bow and Arrow opens with Eli and Joel in the midst of resentment towards one another on their family farm. Eli’s father Joel, unable to regain his emotional strength, has become completely absent and begins to take his frustrations and sorrow out on Eli, subsequently leading to an exponential point of fear and chaos. Eli fights for survival as he tries to understand his father’s pain, and Joel fights to grasp the only glimpse of pride and love he has left in his life.