Film Title: Ruth’s
Director: TBD
Category: Drama
Country of Origin: USA
Run time: Approx. 12 minutes.

Synopsis: The film follows a family’s visit to their grandmother’s house for a Seder during Passover. Later that night the granddaughter catches her grandma watching a news story about recently discovered facts regarding Anne Frank’s death, and confronts her about something she had suspected for years – that her grandma *is* Anne Frank. The story is inspired by an official study by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. We contacted them and they, too are eager to help, calling the story daring and interesting.

Cast & Crew:
Writer/Producer – Chen Drachman
Lizzy – Played by Chen Drachman
Director of photography – Oren Soffer

Previous Awards:
Back in the Box Competition – official selection
NYC Independent Film Festival – Finalist