Film Title: Talking Piece
Director: KPage Stuart Valdes
Category: Narrative Short
Country of Origin: USA
Run time: 16:30
Tagline: When Sam and Hugo butt heads with their new principal, a firestorm of stereotypes and assumptions explodes with both humor and gravity.

Cast & Crew:
Writer/Director/Producer: KPage Stuart Valdes
Starring: Wayne Maugans, Paris McPherson, Antonio Wild
Editor: Corey Nichols
Music Composition: Harvey Valdes
DP: Rajah Samaroo
AC: Patrycja Pawlak
Sound: Brian N Joseph

Previous Awards:
African World Film Festival, Detroit, MI
Golden Door Festival, Jersey City, NJ
Baltimore Black Film Festival, Baltimore, MD
International Black Film Festival, Nashville, TN

Synopsis: Jason is a well educated Midwestern transplant to Brooklyn who has set his sights on a career in public education. His wife, Julia, is climbing up the corporate ladder and is the main bread winner of the family. Sam and Hugo are two ethnic teens who have grown up in the cross section of Brooklyn’s rapid and aggressive gentrification, of which Jason and Julia are a part. When they lock heads with Jason about some troubles they are having outside of school, a firestorm of stereotype and assumptions explodes with both humor and gravity.