Film Title: Tamago
Director: Koji Hirano
Category: Feature Film: No Budget
Country of Origin: Japan
Run time: 77

Cast & Crew:
Hinata:  Hinato TEZUKA
Sho:  Shono TEZUKA
Sonoko:  Yuriko SHIMAMURA
Kaito:  Michael HAZAMA
Taichi:  Akihiko YAMASHITA

Music:  Tomoo NAGAI
Producer:  Naoko HIROMOTO
Hair & Make:  Kazuya KUROSAKI

Director: Screenwriter: Film Editor: Cinematographer:

Previous Awards: 49th WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival
Texas, USA
Remi Award Winner: Bronze – Experimental / Dogme

47th Nashville Film Festival
Tenesse, USA
New Directors Competition: Official Selection

MAC Film Festival
Manaus, Brasil
Best Cinematography Feature Film Winner

Louisville’s International Festival of Film
Best On The Edge Film Winner

Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia
Filmmaker of the Year Gold Awards: Cinematographer
Filmmaker of the Year Silver Awards: Newcomer Film

Hong Kong Pineapple Underground Film Festival
Hong Kong, China
Official Selection

California Film Awards
California, USA
Foreign Film Competition: Gold Awards

Canada International Film Festival
Vancouver, Canada
Royal Reel Winner:First Time Filmmaker Competition

Mexico International Film Festival and Awards
Rosarito, Mexico
First Time Filmmaker Competition: Silver Palm Award Winner

Honolulu Film Awards
Honolulu, HI
First Time Filmmaker Competition: Silver Lei Winner

International Performing Arts & Movie Awards 2015
Jakarta, Indonesia
International Gold Awards Winners: Newcomer

Sydney World Film Festival
Sydney, Australia
EXPERIMENTAL FILM: Official Selection

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One Country One Film International Film Festival
Apchat, France
Japan’s Film: Official Selection


Synopsis: In a small harbor town at the Southernmost end of Honshu Island of Japan, a highschool girl, Sora, lives alone with her father. Sora deals with the pain of being abandoned by her mother.   Being a teenager, Sora finds difficulty expressing her gratitude against her father.   Sora slowly learns to face her own life choices and starts to dissolve the conflicting emotions. Sora takes a step toward her dream, inspiring others to find their own answers.